Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Service

Any services provided by HostingIT are provide in accordance with the terms and condition below. The terms are divided into sections based on the individual products ordered. Each set of conditions is specific to each product ordered, and only applies if you order that product from us.
All these terms are provided in English only.
Please save a copy of these terms when you place an order as these will apply for the life of your services with us, unless amended by us.

Throughout this agreement the following terms are used:

"we" is used to mean HostingIT and any party action on our behalf
"you" means the person purchasing the service, or the company you are acting for
"server" is used to mean the device used to physically run the services we offer you
"registrant" is used in the context of domain registration to mean the party applying for the use of a domain name
"registry" is the organisation or database of domain names that control a set of domains
"registrar" means HostingIT, the organisation which handles the registration process for domain names.

cPanel Web Hosting (Linux)

Hosting IT agrees to provide an infrastructure to allow web hosting for you the client under certain condition. We agree that:

a) We will make an infrastructure running a Linux distribution (subject to change), with cPanel as a control panel available to use.
b) The service will provide you will ability to use PHP, MySQL and send and receive emails within the limits defined in your selected package. However the service we provide is provided with the following conditions:
a) You agree not to use the service for any unlawful activity
b) You will not upload, or by any other means publish or transmit threatening, abusive, malicious, libellous, or any material containing viruses or malicious code.
c) Any content you publish or allow to be published will not breach any copyright, intellectual property or any other laws.
d) You will not upload content which will consume excessive system resources
e) Use or allow the use of our service to send our bulk emails.
f) You will take adequate backups of your data stored on our service.
We reserve the right to suspend and ultimately cancel your service with us without refund if you breach any of the conditions above or any other reason we deem necessary.
HostingIT will take every effort to keep our infrastructure free from viruses, hacking and other malicious activity however we cannot be responsible for any loss of data or theft from data stored on our servers.
We will not be held responsible for any service loss, consequential damage, or any other financial or otherwise problems caused by our services unless explicitly dictated in these terms.
We will provide the service above with the following service level agreement (SLA). The service level below determines the overall availability of our service and does not cover your ability to perform a specific task.
We will make every effort to make our service available at least 99.9% of the time within any calendar month. If we fail in this service level in any calendar month we will extend your hosting period by 1 day for every 2 hours over our SLA obligation.
This SLA excludes any periods we determine as maintenance windows which may occur from time to time.

Domain Registration

By submitting a domain registration to us, you are agreeing to place a request with the relevant registry to register the domain name. This request does in any way guarantee the domain will be registered for the registrant until it is confirmed by us.
When registering a domain name you are entering a contract with both HostingIT and the relevant registry. You should ensure that you are familiar and agree with the registry's terms before agreeing to proceed with the order.
You agree that the details you submit for the domain registration are correct, and will be published in the public domain in the form of the "whois" record.
.uk registration are dictated by the following Nominet terms which you must agree to: Nominet Terms
Before registering a domain you should ensure you have the right to use it, and are not violating and 3rd parties rights. We cannot be held responsible for any issues arising from claims by other parties on your right to use the domain name, in such scenarios we reserve the right to suspend, withhold or cancel domain without notice.

By registering a domain name with us, you agree that you are only registering the domain name for the specified time period and will be required to renew domain to continue to use this.

We will not automatically renew your domain, however we will issue an invoice for the renewal 30 days before expiry. By paying this invoice you agree that you wish to renew the domain for the specified period.
Although we make every effort to contact you before the domain expiry we cannot be held responsible for any loss of service, business or consequential damage from missed renewals.